Welcome to Live Love Lend 

We believe that lots of people making small changes can make a big difference in the world. 

That's why we made Live Love Lend - a place where its easy for parents to make sustainable shopping choices. 


We do this in three ways;


Pre-Loved and Rentals 

Our marketplace allows families to lend, sell and give away quality baby gear and accessories giving them a new life. 


Sustainability Shop

We sell amazing unique sustainable products which are owned by small businesses. These little businesses have great innovations which will help make being sustainable easier for NZ parents.


Our Blog offers easy tips on reducing waste, ways to be more sustainable and an insight into our own parenting journey to a more sustainable lifestyle

About us 

Hi, thank you for visiting us at Live Love Lend.  We are Tess and Hayley the founders of Live Love Lend. Between us we have five girls under five so enjoy busy lives.

Since becoming parents we have watched our rubbish bins fill to the top, our garages overflow with barely used kids stuff and our wallets shrink.  Lets face it 'kids are not cheap'.  It was this frustration which made us question what we were buying, how we were using it and how much we were throwing in the bin.


We borrowed a lot of baby gear off each other and it was this borrowing which was the start of the idea for Live Love Lend. We've now extended beyond the idea of borrowing to cover a large range of ways to help parents make sustainable choices to reduce their overall environmental footprint. 

Live Love Lend aims to

  1. Make it easier for parents to make sustainable product choices and reduce the environmental impact of parenting

  2. Enable access everyone to be able to borrow quality items off others

  3. Reduce the costs of parenting 

  4. Support small businesses who offer quality products that support sustainability or waste reduction

What makes us different?

Peer to peer rentals - a unique way to borrow baby items. Perfect for meeting short-term needs, reducing clutter or making travelling easier

A better selling experience - list your items in one place and reach a large audience who can easily search for your items

A better buying experience - avoid the junk, purchase quality items with options to suit all budgets - buy, rent or find giveaways

Support for small sustainable business - our Sustainability Shop helps you easily search for products that are sustainable or environmentally friendly

Spread the word and join us online

We're new so we need help spreading the word and getting others to the join the community. If you've got friends or family who might be interested please let them know about the site. 

Join us on Facebook;

  • Our page - Live Love Lend - keep up to date with our most recent listings, blog articles and more

  • Our group - Live Love Lenders - for those interested in renting to or from others. We'll use this page to reach out to the community when people need items that aren't currently listed

Get in touch

As we're a new site we'd love your feedback - good, bad or even suggestions. Please contact us at team.livelovelend@gmail.com

Tess and Hayley xx