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Baby Clothes

FAQ- General

Set up, payments and fees

What is Live Love Lend?

Live Love Lend is a peer to peer marketplace where New Zealand families can connect to rent and sell quality baby gear and accessories.

What fees are charged?

There are no fees for joining or for listing items for rent or sale. Live Love Lend will take a small fee when an item is successfully rented or sold.

When a sale or rental is made the Owner will receive the payment less the Live Love Lend fee (8%, minimum 0.50c)  and PayPal fees (3.4% + 45c per transaction (as at December 8th 2018)). The payment less the fees will be transferred into the Owners PayPal account. PayPal fees are set independently by PayPal.

Why do I have to pay a fee to Live Love Lend?

We want to make this service as cheap as possible however there are some costs involved in running the site and attracting people to the marketplace. The more members we have the better and more efficient it will become so tell your friends.

Why do you use PayPal as your provider?

PayPal is a well known and trusted payment gateway that securely processes transactions and keeps your information safe.

In the unlikely event that you experience an issue with a rented or purchased item (for example the item never arrives or is not in the condition described) PayPal has a service to help you resolve the dispute and get your money back.

Click here to find out more. https://www.paypal.com/nz/webapps/mpp/buyer-dispute-resolution

Do I need a PayPal account?

A borrower or purchaser (people who are renting/buying the item) do not need a PayPal account. Payments are processed through the PayPal portal but you can use your credit/debit card without a PayPal account. Just select that option at checkout.
Owners/Lenders do need a PayPal account to receive payments. A Premium PayPal account is best suited for this. It is free to set up or you can upgrade your personal PayPal account. This is easy to do and totally free.

How do I set up a PayPal account or enable my PayPal account to receive payments?

Already have a PayPal account?

Log in to PayPal and add your bank account under the wallet section if you don’t already have one loaded. Search ‘receive payments through PayPal’ on their site if you need further assistance

New to PayPal?

Set up an account by visiting  https://www.paypal.com/nz/webapps/mpp/account-selection. You will need a Premier or Business account in order to receive payments. Complete the registration process, confirm your email address and add a bank account through the wallet section. 

Please note when adding a bank account in the wallet section the bank number is the first six digits of your bank account and the account number is the remaining numbers in the format xxxxxxx-xx

How do I connect my PayPal account to Live Love Lend?

Link your PayPal to Live Love Lend in order to accept payments

Live Love Lend needs to connect to your PayPal to facilitate the payment process. To complete this log in to Live Love Lend. For PC - Under your name, select ‘Settings’ then choose ‘Payments’ from the left-hand menu.

For mobile - Under the 'User' section choose 'Settings', then choose 'Payments' from the drop down box

  1. Step 1/2 Connect your PayPal account to Live Love Lend. You will be directed to log in to your PayPal account and will need to grant permission to Marketplace for the access requested. 

  2. Step 2/2 Grant permission for the Live Love Lend transaction fee. Click the ‘Grant permission’ button. Please note that PayPal transaction fees are separate to this. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete this step.

How do I use PayPal?

The best place to answer any questions you have in relation to PayPal is the PayPal Help Center at https://www.paypal.com/nz/smarthelp/home 

Some common help requests may include;

  • Setting up a PayPal account

  • Receiving payments

  • Issuing a refund

  • Buyer protection policy

  • Withdrawing/transferring funds to bank account

  • PayPal fees


FAQ - Borrowers

How can I pay for what I rent?

Live Love Lend uses the PayPal payment gateway. All common credit and debit cards are accepted and users do not need a PayPal account to pay for a rental or purchase. However, if you would like to rent out some of your own gear then you must setup a PayPal account so that you can receive payments.

When Borrowers use the PayPal payment system, they are eligible for PayPal buyer protection in case something goes wrong. See https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security for more information.

What happens if I need the equipment for a longer timeframe?

If you need extra time with an item you should check the availability with the Items owner and submit an additional request.
If you are running late, you should contact the Owner immediately and reach an agreement on a revised timeframe for return. Communication is key to avoiding poor ratings. If you receive poor ratings, then other owners may reject future rental requests from you.

Can I get a GST invoice?

Live Love Lend is designed to be a peer to peer sharing platform. Most users will not be GST registered. Therefore, in most cases you will not be able to receive a GST invoice.

What happens if I damage the item I have rented?

You should always take great care with any equipment that you rent. However, accidents can happen. You are liable for any damage beyond normal wear and tear on the equipment you rent. The replacement fee can be found on the listing. By agreeing to rent an item you are also agreeing to pay the value of the item specified by the owner if any damage to the item is incurred beyond normal wear and tear. If you have contents cover it may cover the rental equipment, you should contact your insurance provider to confirm your cover prior to a rental event. To avoid disagreements about the condition of the rented item we suggest both parties take pictures of the item at handover.

What happens if I cancel a booking?

We know that things come up, both for the Owner and Borrower so please be understanding in these cases. Our refund policy covers the refund that should be provided in different circumstances. 

Live Love Lend uses PayPal as the payment gateway, PayPal buyer protection is also available. This means if there are any issues gaining a refund from the owner you can follow the PayPal process at https://www.paypal.com/nz/webapps/mpp/paypal-buyer-protection.

What if I don’t get a response to my rental request?

If you don’t receive a reply within three days the requested transaction is cancelled. No funds will be charged to your card/account.

Can I get a discount for long-term rentals?

All rates have been set by the Owners. You can make contact with the owner and make an offer. It is their choice to decline or accept.

Do I get insurance from Live Love Lend ?

No, the borrower is liable for damages to the item value agreed  when the listing occurs. Check your contents insurance to see if they cover rented items.

How do I make sure the equipment I’m borrowing is hygienic?

We ask that all owners provide items pre-cleaned and ready to use. Check out their reviews to make sure you are happy with the lender’s past performance.

How will I get the item?

You will need to arrange the pick up/ drop off or shipping options with the owner as part of the terms of your agreement.

Who do I contact if I have a problem during the rental period?

If you have any issues with the item you have rented it is best to get in touch with the Owner by messaging them.

Do I have to return the item professionally cleaned?

Owners will specify the condition their items should be returned in. Generally, it's not required to have them professionally cleaned.

How do I know if I can trust the owner?

All rentals are at your own risk however you can take steps to minimise any risk including;

  • looking at the owners past reviews and feedback

  • asking questions of the Owner before proceeding with the rental request

In addition Live Love Lend will remove members who violate our Terms and Conditions.

In the case of any disputes around the condition or non delivery of any item PayPals buyer protection policy may be able to assist you with getting a refund. 

What if the owner doesn’t show up?

The owner will be required to refund the borrower according to our refund policy. If they do not refund you, you can log a dispute with PayPal. Owners are also likely to receive negative ratings. If an owner misses 3 drop offs or pick ups, they may be removed from Live Love Lend.

When will I be charged?

Your account/credit card will be charged when the owner approves your booking.

Am I responsible for the safety of the item?

The Owner is responsible for providing an item that is in a safe condition. When exchanging the item you should check its condition to ensure you are happy that it is in a safe condition. When the item is in your possession you are responsible for using it in a safe manner and reporting any damage to the Owner.

What is your return policy for sale items?

Prior to purchasing an item you should ask any questions necessary to assit you in determining whether you want to purchase the item, for example its age and condition. If when you receive an item it is not in the condition described or shown in the pictures you can request a refund from the Owner/Seller. If there are any disputes you can log an issue with PayPal under their buyer protection policy. See the PayPal website for more information.


FAQ - Owners/Sellers

How do I list an item?

From the home page select 'Start Shopping' in the top right hand corner. Once in the shop select ‘Post a new listing’, select the appropriate category, and fill out the fields on the form.

To list in the Sustainability Shop you need to be an approved seller. Please review our guidelines to determine if you can apply. 

What happens if the borrower doesn’t pay?

Fees are pre-approved when an item gets requested. The borrower gets charged when you approve the booking.  The money will transfer into your PayPal account minus the Live Love Lend fee and PayPal transaction fee. No booking can be requested without having provided payment details to PayPal.

Is there anything I shouldn't list on Live Love Lend? 

Live Love Lend creates the marketplace for sellers, buyers and borrowers to meet. We assume no liability for items added to the site. We encourage the borrower/purchaser to inspect items before they are picked up from the owner/seller. Check to ensure the are up to update with the NZ safety standards.


If you want to list a car seat you must ensure the following;

* the car seat is not expired

* the car seat has not been involved in an accident

* the seat has no mould and has only been washed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions

* the instruction and safety manual is available

We only want quality second-hand items so please review our Listing Guidelines to ensure any item you post meets the quality standard.

What if something is late returned?

The Live Love Lend marketplace has a self regulated rating system for members. If you are not happy with the timeliness of the return of your goods you can give the borrower a poor rating on Live Love Lend.

What happens if the item I rented has been damaged?

When you hand over the item to the borrower we recommend that both parties take pictures of the item to avoid any dispute about its condition. When you receive the item back you should inspect its condition in the presence of the borrower to determine if any damage has occurred. If the item has been damaged beyond normal wear and tear you can request the agreed replacement value from the borrower.

How many days do I have to respond to a sale or rental request?

You have three days to respond to your request. If you do not respond in three days the request will be cancelled.

How do I know that I can trust the borrower?

All rentals are at your own risk however you can take steps to minimise any risk including;

  • looking at the borrowers past reviews and feedback

  • asking questions of the borrower to assess character and trustworthiness before accepting any rental request

  • taking a photograph or copy of an up to date identification (for example a Drivers Licence or Passport) of the borrower before handing over the items for rent.

It is ultimately the your responsibility to decide who you are willing to rent to.

Can I list multiple items?

Yes, you can list as many items as you like. Items can be bundled together into categories for example 'Newborn babies'. 'Holiday toy packs'.

How do I withdraw funds from my PayPal account?

It's easy to transfer funds from your PayPal account to your bank account Search 'transfer money to bank account' on the PayPal Help Center

What if my item is not returned by the borrower?

Each borrower accepts our Terms and Conditions before making a reservation and is therefore liable for any theft or damage that occurs during the rental period. In the unlikely event that your item is not returned you should contact us so that we can remove the borrower from Live Love Lend.

What’s the best way to set rates?

Your rates depend on how competitive you want your listing to be. For example, if you would like to attract longer term borrowers you might want to set a lower rate or a higher one for shorter periods. Always make sure to set rates that work for you.

Can I accept cash from a borrower?

No. For the security and accountability of all parties, we require that all payments be made through Live Love Lend website. This will mean that the owner and borrower have agreed to the terms and conditions.

How do I refund a transaction?

Refunds can easily be made through your PayPal account. Search PayPal Help Center 'issue a refund' for further assistance. Please note when processing a refund the amount of the PayPal transaction fee that is refunded will vary depending on the amount you refund. For information on the amount of the transaction fee tat will be refunded search 'PayPal fees refunded' on the PayPal Help Center. 

Please refer to our refund policy for your obligations with regard to refunds. 

Am I responsible for the safety of my item?

As an Owner, it is critical that you keep any items that you list for hire in a safe condition. The borrower will check the condition of the item at handover and must ensure they follow safe use practice when the item is in their care.

Why is my item still showing even though I've sold it?

Once you've sold your item you need to close the listing. You can do this by clicking on the listing and selecting close listing

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