Feedback Policy

Feedback policy

Ratings and feedback are an important tool for users of Live Love Lend to assist with determining whether to rent to or off any other member. All ratings and feedback are visible to other users.  Once you’ve completed a transaction please provide a rating and feedback on the member/transaction. Please follow the policy below in providing feedback.

What to include

  • Rate your experience of the member and the transaction

  • Provide a brief description of your experience for example was the item in the expected condition, delivered/returned on time etc.

The feedback should only be relevant to the transaction you are asked to provide feedback on.

What not to include

Please be respectful in your feedback and ensure it does not contain any of the following;

  • offensive or inappropriate content

  • personal information

  • defamatory statements

Disputes and removal of feedback

Live Love Lend has the right to remove any feedback that does not meet the above policy. If you wish to dispute feedback or ratings provided about yourself or the transaction by another member please contact the admin team at We will review the feedback and may contact both parties to determine whether the feedback is appropriate. Any removal of feedback is at our discretion.