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Wellington based Kath and Jody make a range of natural Kawakawa based balms including a natural healing balm, sleepy time balm and breathe easy balm. The healing balm is a must have for any first aid kit.

Why we love them

Simple, natural products with a multitude of uses. If you're Wellington based you can even return the tin and have it refilled, a great sustainability initiative.

Natural healing balms

Simply Kawakawa

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Jenny is a retired Nana with over 60 years knitting experience. She uses pure wool and has a large number of knitting patterns so if you're looking for something a little different than what's listed just get in touch with her. 


Why we love them

Gorgeous designs and pure wool to keep babies warm and cosy in winter plus Jenny is just lovely!

Hand-knitted vests and jerseys

Jenny Manley


Gill designs and makes a range of reusable items aimed at reducing the amount of single use plastic used in the home. Her range includes snack bags and bowl covers and best of all they’re machine washable.


Why we love them

These products are beautifully made and durable. They come with nifty features like magnetic closures and with a range of designs you’re sure to find one you love.

Snack bags and food savers



A family owned business A2P are dedicated to sourcing products that are sustainable, recyclable and reusable.


Why we love them

Wonderful alternatives to some of your most common plastic items which make it easy to make simple changes in your life. Their packaging is just as sustainable as their products.

Plastic alternatives for food 

Alternatives to Plastic (A2P)

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After a lifetime of suffering eczema and seeing the signs of eczema in her baby daughter Rebecca decided to find a natural alternative so she created her healing balms and named her after her daughter Milly. 


Why we love them

Natural, organic ingredients that help to clear up a range of skin conditions. 

Organic healing balms

Milly's Magic

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A Nelson based company with big dreams to help you live a more sustainable life. Their signature SPRUCE cloth is the ultimate dishcloth replacement and come in amazing NZ designs 


Why we love them

The SPRUCE cloth has a multitude of uses around the home. They're durable, biodegradeable and home compostable. 

Re-usable, waste reduction products

The Green Collective


You'll often find Ashleigh busy at her sewing machine and selling her gorgeous items at markets around the Hamilton area. She sells items through her brands Nanny B's Boutique and REMIX apparel. 


Why we love them

Absolutely gorgeous designs and they replace single use breast-pads!

Reusable breast-pads

Ashleigh Clough

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If you're interested in burying your placenta then one of Janine's unique and gorgeously designed cocoons are the best way to do it. Made from all natural materials and customised to suit your needs. 


Why we love them

Such a special way to celebrate the birth of your little one!

Natural flax cocoons

Earth Friendly Cocoons

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Jen is passionate about making resuable items and reducing the impact on the environment. Her range of handmade items includes breastpads, menstrual pads, wet bags and wipes. 


Why we love them

These products will help you save a huge amount of waste as a parent. Plus they come in a range of designs that Jen is happy to customise.

Reusable items for babies and mums

Fluff Mail

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Passionate about self-care Helen creates bath, soap, shampoo and conditioner products to help you relax and unwind without the nasty chemicals. Treat yourself to a luxurious bath today.

Why we love them

These lovely products will help you ditch the bottles from the bathroom for good!

Waste free toiletries

Creative Aromas NZ

potty x 2.jpeg

Potty Plan is a step by step guide which is fun and easy to teach your baby to potty train. It's a routine based, parent led, natural approach to toilet training. It's a fantastic way for both parents to bond with baby. 

Why we love them

Earlier potty training has a huge number of benefits but will definitely help you reduce your waste and save you a lot of money!

Infant toilet training

Potty Plan 

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Passionate about removing nasty chemicals from the home Jo brings you a range of natural, non-toxic cleaning products. Used and tested in her own home Jo has seen her family's health improve significantly since introducing these products to her home. 

Why we love them

Confidence in cleaning our homes in a natural yet effective way.

Natural Cleaning Products

Lemon and Sunshine