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Creating a natural home - DIY homemade cleaner and washing powder recipe

Bleach, exit mold, all purpose cleaner …….. I used it all before I had my girls, now I am more conscious about what cleaning products I use and where.

I am really particular about what I use to clean their highchairs and surfaces they touch.

Over the last month I have been trialing homemade cleaning products to try and find chemical free solutions to everyday challenges.


Below are a few of my favourite recipes

Cleaning products - vinegar is a magic ingredient when it comes to many household cleaning products. Vinegar alone is great for showers, windows and general surface cleaning. The only set back for this magic ingredient is the smell. If you are like me and struggle with the smell I have try the below recipes.

Natural infused cleaners: All of these recipes need to brew for at least two weeks to help remove the smell of vinegar.

Lemon Infused

2x lemons chopped

2x cups of white vinegar

1x cup water

Lavender Rosemary

1/2 cup of lavender

1/2 cup of rosemary

2x cups of white vinegar

1x cup water

Rosemary and Lavender DIY cleaner

Infused Eucalyptus

1/2 cup of eucalyptus leave

2x cups of white vinegar

1x cup water

Natural Eucalyptus Homemade cleaner

Instant cleaner

2 drops of your favourite essential oil

2x cups of white vinegar

1x cup water

Once you are ready to use your cleaner and you are happy with the scent. Strain to remove infused ingredients (lemons etc) Add to a spray bottle for easy use. I love these glass spray bottles on www.livelovelend.co.nz in the sustainability shop.

You can also use old plastic spray bottle or dab with a cloth then apply to surfaces.

Last recipe is a washing powder one. I have been using the below recipe for a couple of weeks now and I am really happy with it.

Washing powder

2x Cups of washing soda crystals – purchased from the supermarket

2x tablespoon baking soda

2x tablespoon Espom bath salts

1 drop of eucalyptus oil

DIY natural homemade washing powder

My next project is making DIY mold cleaner and toilet cleaner. Let me know if you have an other recipes or comments about this blog. Best of luck with you natural adventure.

Tess x