• Tess & Hayley

Sustainable parenting more than just cloth nappies

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Being a parent who cares about the environment is not just about cloth nappies and reusable wipes. Just simply by borrowing baby items and buying second-hand you are not just saving yourself money but you are helping the environment as well.

How you ask? It’s our desire for ownership which is a major contributor to waste. Over the last 100 years manufacturers have responded to our desire for ownership by finding ways of producing products in mass at the lowest possible cost. As a result, many items we own sit in storage and throughout their life are never fully utilised before they are thrown away.

When it comes to baby gear very rarely are items used to their full potential. There are a large number of items which can make the early stages of a child's life easier but if you are not lucky enough to borrow from someone they are expensive, often bulky and spend more time in storage waiting for the next child to use them than actually being used.

I dont know about you but my house was cluttered with big baby items like baby gyms, bassinets and baby carriers which are essential only for a short period of time and are hardly used. I am just storing them away until I or someone I know decides to have another child. It was the frustration with the baby clutter and the wastefulness regarding the lack of usage of these item which was the catalyst for us to start Live Love Lend.

Live Love Lend creates a place where people can rent baby and child items that they aren’t currently using. While the main focus of the site is peer to peer rental you’ll also find items for sale and being given away.

Our hope is that Live Love Lend will help create a community of sharers and it will be a one stop shop for baby items. It will help create a more affordable and more environmentally friendly option for kiwi parents who want to either lend or rent, buy, sell or give away baby gear and accessories.

While renting items is not new they found that many sites only catered for travellers or were very expensive which meant that sometimes it would be cheaper to buy an item rather than rent. The key difference with Live Love Lend is that members rent out their own items and can set prices as they wish, which are usually significantly lower than other sites. Many of the items on the site such as cots, baby carriers and play-gyms are priced between $1-3 per week.

The site is still relatively new but has the potential to make the parenting a whole lot cheaper. To sign up visit the website www.livelovelend.co.nz or join the Facebook group Live Love Lenders. If you can’t see any item you need Tessa and Hayley can contact their Facebook community to see if anyone can supply what you need.

Tess & Hayley xx