Refund policy

Refund policy

We understand that things change. In these cases the Owner and Borrower should communicate with each and come to an arrangement. The below policy sets out the refund that must be provided in different situations.

Cancellation of a rental request prior to receiving the item

If the Borrower needs to cancel the Owner should reimburse the amount of the transaction less any costs, which can include postage if the item has already been sent and fees charged by PayPal. If the item has been posted the Borrower must immediately return the item when it is received and cover the cost of returning the item.

As the Owner you can easily refund the transaction through your PayPal account. You should contact Live Love Lend at to advise of the cancellation so that we can determine if a refund of the Live Love Lend fee is appropriate.

If the Owner needs to cancel the full transaction amount should be refunded to the Borrower.

If on taking possession of the item the Borrower is unhappy with the condition of the item then they may return the item and request a full refund. 

Cancellation during the rental period

If the Borrower needs to cancel during the rental period a pro-rata refund should be provided for the remainder of the agreed rental period less any costs incurred.

If the Owner needs the item back before the end of the agreed rental period a pro-rata refund should be provided for the remainder of the rental period.

Items sold

Prior to purchasing an item the buyer should ask any questions necessary to assist in determining whether to purchase the item, for example its age and condition. If when the item is received it is not in the condition described or shown in the pictures a refund should be provided to the Buyer and the item returned. If there are any disputes over the condition of the item the Buyer should log an issue with PayPal under their buyer protection policy. 

If there are any disputes in relation to the condition of the goods or it does not arrive PayPal may be able to assist with helping you to get a refund through their Buyer Protection. Search ‘PayPal Buyer Protection’ on the PayPal website for more details.